X-men: Days of Future past: A Time Lord perspective

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The new X-men movie, Days of Future past, is a very good, coherent movie with  a few time inconsistencies. It does not follow the comics where Rachel Grey sends a future Kitty Pryde, back into the past to save the mutant and human world from the rule of the Sentinels. They instead, have given Kitty a new power set to jump back in time and send an Older Wolverine consciousness, back through time.  The Future X-Men, look more along the line of the Ultimate universe and not the one I grew up with. I am fine with that.  

I shall not go into any further spoilers but wish the Sentinels of the future looked more like the Nimrod creation drawn by John Romita Jr. The lifeless face and even though, it doesn’t need to be pink, the overall look and feel of that Sentinel, was outstanding to me growing up.  These ones, look like the Destroyer from Thor and didn’t any of the X-Men ever read one of their comics to use logic against a sentinel that can adapt to any situation??? You know, “What is your mission?” “To destroy all mutants”   

“What defines a mutant?”

“Aren’t you mutating now to adapt to each new power or mutant you encounter??”

“ERROR!! ERROR!! We must destroy ourselves!”

And then there was much rejoicing as the mutants are saved and the Sentinels, in the act of becoming what they were meant to destroy, destroy themselves.

I mean, c’mon guys. 

So, despite all that, I think the new X-men cast did quite well and looking forward to the next movie. Hopefully, it will involve Cyclops, the younger, Jean Grey, the younger, and others from the original X-Men. 

So … there is some time travel involved, things change or don’t change and if they did, did the original X-Men movies exist?  Did Wolvie get his claws or not made with metal? 

Such things may be answered in the next movie or Wolverine movie but until it does, wouldn’t mind seeing Jennifer Lawerence speaking in Vietnamese again. Sexy.




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