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Hi Everyone. Dutch here.

Sorry I haven’t blogged anything recently but just took a minor vacation visiting beautiful Sedona. It was great views and to be where trees naturally belonged rather than those down in the valley (Phoenix).
I’m glad to be home and back to work illustrating. I am posting a steampunk beauty pictures (see below) that is a work in progress. As you may know or not, I am having a hard time drawing sexy women in ludicrous poses since I have kids. Having girls has made me rethink what is beauty and how to express it. In this business, it is hard. This pose started off rather sexy and flaunting everything but I started to think of Victorian beauty and what that meant. So I covered as much so things could be left to the imagination. I’m old school and like old movies when the bedroom doors closed, you know what was happening but didn’t need to see it.
So I have this on my plate, along with my “Bowties are cool” Doctor Who, Mr.Peabody tshirt design to complete. I am also re-reading the DC book to digital art by Freddie Williams II and to setup my new cintq. Still having some trepidation using it but I think back to my meeting Karen Hallion and her fears of touching an expensive item. Stay tuned as I will post regularly on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

steampunk beauty


Dutch July 10th, 2014

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