Warm ups

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Hi Everyone,

One thing I would recommend doing before jumping into a project or  working on a project in progress, is to warm up. Sketch out something just to get your arm warmed up.  Your brain thinking about structure but also just to get it in the mindset of illustrating.  I usually like to do this before I start something or go back into one of my projects.  Trying out a technique or an observation I may have made while looking at a tv show or a picture. I wouldn’t recommend doing something that has been frustrating you for a warm up. For me, it is hands and often times the emotion in the eyes. Do something light hearted to ease your way into your drawing. I just did that for my “Hello Sweetie” project where I just had to step back as an arm or face was vexing me.  Below is an example of one of my warm up sketches. I forgot to get the photoshop plugin to record it but will get that done asap for my next warm up session to share.  Keep on drawing and practicing like myself.  As I was just reminded in a Facebook post, every professional artist was once an amateur themselves.









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