Uggs, NFL and Louis-Vitton bags … they are not illustrations

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Hi Everyone,
Sorry for not posting … again. Right now, trying to figure out how to get rid of the constant spam out of my comment sections.  Why I attracted Ugg boots, NFL jerseys and Louis-Vitton bags, I don’t know.  It’s not like an illustration site is the place you will find those interested in the above.  Nor am I pulling in that type of revenue to get hacked or spammed.  It is quite frustrating as I am sure I am the one who let one in and the seive of spam was open.  How does one stop this influx of madness.  Now, I am not against those who like Uggs, NFL or bags.  Perfectly fine but starting a freelance illustration business and trying to find those that are honestly interested in my pieces, makes it tough.

So, back to the reason why we are here … what have you been up to Dutch?? Well, last weekend I attend a Hi-Fi Colour Bootcamp and it was the best two and a half day learning the Hi-Fi colouring method.  I was familiar with it since owning both books and DVDS but this time, we had instruction from the owner/writer/Creator himself, Brian Miller and his wife Kristy.  I learnt so much that my head is STILL, to this day, trying to process all that I learned.  I will write another, new post on that later this week.  I also have been doing many new sketches, sketch dailies and other ideas for prints to sell.  Lastly, I’ll be doing a GOFUNDME project for a printer, supplies and a drafting chair to improve my height draw, and also editing some videos for Youtube.

So, more to come and will post to this site more often … I TRULY, TRULY promise.  I have some tutourial ideas as well.  Follow me on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and visit my Etsy store.

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