Turkey day sketches

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Yesterday, after my turkey coma, I was thinking what to sketch. You know, just to give the hand and imagination to warm up.  So, as usual, started up the console and began watching whatever I could find. Be it anime or just good ole Doctor Who. I had to have something on. So with my two year old clamoring on about wanting to watch Doctor Who, I put that in for some inspiration. For you see, since I can’t be the Doctor on TV, I can write for the comics or better yet, be the artist for the series.  So I went back in and sketched out Idris and the Doctor and my most brilliant idea after watching Rudolph, the Doctor Puppet. If you are not familiar with the Doctor Puppet, please catch the tumblr page (http://doctorpuppet.tumblr.com) or the youtube site. Brilliant, fantastic piece of work to bring us much joy.  It is still in the rough, fleshing it out but should have the lines tightened so i can colour it to share.  I hope you enjoy and please check out the Doctor Puppet by Alisa Stern.  Thank you again for permission to draw such a great character.



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