Tucson Comic Con Nov 4-6, 2016

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Hi Everyone,

Sad news … no Wayfarer today. I’ve been really stressed out to get new pieced coloured in between my commission work and professional flatting, that I haven’t moved beyond the rough sketch stage. Tucson Comic Con is next week and I’ve been working on new pieces to showcase and sell. Some of them are fan art and others are my own pieces. It has just been tough since some comic pages I’ve been flatting are either quick to do (like 45 minutes to an hour and half) to some taking up to 6 hours.  What that does to me or maybe even to you, is you have time to look at your piece and make changes. And that is draining. You want it to be perfect and something you want someone to hang in their home but sometimes you just have to call it. Say enough and hope for the best.  That just means I need to practice rendering and painting more to improve myself. However, I have to get them done ASAP so I get them to my printer by weekend end and pick them up before next Thursday.

So that said, come on down and see me. I’ll be at Table AA-107 in Tucson at the convention center.  This is my first time attending the Tucson Comic Con and cannot wait to met new people, new fans, new artists either locally or in the business.  So if you are there, stop on by. Please. I’d like to meet you.

Tucson Comic Con ad for Dutchs Dynamic Illustration
Tucson Comic Con ad for Dutchs Dynamic Illustration



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