Travel log … Stardate …yesterday

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Well what a crazy day yesterday turned out trying fly out to Florida.  Our original flight canceled going to salt lake. Salt lake for friggin’ sake.  Rarely hear of storms hitting there and all week it was clear skies and had to storm the day we had to leave.  So flight ended up getting canceled, rebooked to Detroit for a midnight flight with a 9 and 2 year old. Not cool. Rebooked to Minneapolis but ended up being at 12:30 pm, time of rebooking, 10:30am.  So rushed home. Loaded up car and ran to schools to get kids. Got to airport at 11:40 and time to wait in line to get seats assigned.  Once done, ran to security. Luckily my previous two years of travel afforded me business class ability to jump in business line. Time was then 12pm and boarding had started for first class.  Guard wanted to send to to long line to go thru detectors but because the security line was like lines at Disney, ended up going thru TSA short line. Ran to counter and waited for seats. Got those and made boarding for kids. Now on plane with two kids. Just me, myself and I and headed to what seemed to be the tail off the plane. I thought where we were going to, we were going to be pushing the plane. So, back of the plane, thinking if we crashed, our chances of survival were high.

Off we left the airport and headed up North. At least if we were to be stuck anywhere, Minneapolis was highly suited. The land of my birth with family and friends to stay with just in case. So we landed and off the plane we left. The weather was cold but in my t-shirt, it wasn’t anything a true Minnesotan couldn’t handle walking off the gang plank and airport. Quickly ran the quarter of a mile from the F gate to G18.  We had to run since we did not have seats all together.  When we finally arrived and the gate attendant was able to push us together, was told “we should have come to the counter sooner.” My response was, “we just landed and ran here” and she said “then you couldn’t get here any sooner.” Off to that plane and had a slight issue with a very cute blond.  I was in her seat and they forgot to assign her the one we changed. I couldn’t respond to her fast enough because i was slightly enamored with her since she looked like the Allison Mack who played Chloe from Smallville.  Once that was resolved, off we went and landed in time in Orlando.  Got to the hotel but no restaurants to walk to so had to order from Zah and wings while waiting for the missus to arrive.  We waited and waited. Waited some more and then watched Home Alone 2 to pass the time.  Her flight had been delayed by two hours and I slowly fell asleep.

Now I fell asleep … story to be continued tomorrow.


Cheers and safe travels to you all!

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