Third on the plane, excited fear and read to jump.

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One of the many things I have been working on is finding a printing service, either locally or online, that would be able to make a print for the type of work I want to sell. I found some recommendations from the Etsy folks to use the  I still need to check some other leads on pricing because seeing other artists who sell, not only their 11×10 prints or letter size, also sell postcards or other such items for five dollars.  If it costs me five to print, what would it be for me to sell that is reasonable to the buyer. That is what I’ve got to figure out without breaking both our banks. 

So, right now, I’m getting close. I haven’t felt like this except when I first started this venture.  Now, I’m back on the plane with nervous anticipation as I am the third person in line to jump out the plane.  I can’t wait but have a lot to learn and more research to do.  Should be another week or two until I get this done.  Stay tuned.



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