The House of X and Power of X promo/covers done by @markbrooksart Far left is the artwork I received from Mark. I prepare it for flatting in Photoshop by “sketch lifting” the image on to its on transparent layer and a flat layer below. The line art layer remains at normal blending mode. I have an action created that does this automatically and locks the line art layer for colour holds. The right image is the underlying flats. I didn’t know all the new characters except for Cardinal and Rasputin. I also had to be mum about them until their reveal. So nice knowing that secret. And the last image is the flat with line art combined. It is dark but Mark will go in and make his adjustments as well as final changes. I thought the lady on the bench was Jean but found out it was Moira. I am loving this new series. I truly haven’t been this excited for an X-man book since the Claremont years. I’m floored at Jonathan’s writing. And the art! Wow! It was fun to work on this and with Mark again. #HOXPOX #houseofx #powerofX #HouseofXmen #Xmen #flatter #colorflatter #flatartist #Marvel #makingcomics #markbrooks

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