The digital frontier (in illustration)

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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a cintiq drawing tablet a few weeks back and it was a worth while investment. No, I have made any sales yet in either my redbubble, etsy or society 6 stores. It has, however, made translating or sketching over my 11×17 drawing a lot easier after scanning it.  I currently am working on 3 Doctor Who pieces, a Word Girl picture, and a sketch book.  It has cut down my time sketching, scanning, inking and colouring my pieces.  A lot of it has to do with the DC Guide to digital comics by Freddie E. Williams III.  If you haven’t picked  one up, it is available at your local libraries or for purchase, bookstores, Amazon or the Kindle.  He covers the basic step-by-step  process of setting up your folders. The various approaches to all digital, ink hybrid or pencil hybrid.  He also outlines how to use the path tool in photoshop to save in a working folder. (Let me tell you, for my Handle’s print, this came in handy and I squealed  like a lil kid because it was the first time I actually got a circular design done.)  There is even more and should be available through my link below from Amazon. Highly recommended.    I will do a deep dive critique down the line on this book.

So, as I jump into the digital frontier, expect to see more from me. I am still working at my day job but not for much longer and be aware, I’ll be submitting a crowd funding link in the near future for other equipment needed.   Until then, enjoy this picture I drew of Vegas PG Cosplay.  She’s such a great lady, intelligent, funny and does a lot for the cosplay community awareness. I gave this to her at Phoenix Comicon in June.






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