The Dark Crystal T-shirt design contest

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As a fan of all things sci-fi, fantasy and all around geeky especially from the 80’s, I entered the Threadless Dark Crystal contest I have two designs to enter and just submitted the first one.  It was extremely difficult because my lack of photoshop knowledge is still at the high range of beginner, bordering intermediate.  I learned quite a few things on how to get rid of constraints when sizing the image to bringing the masked layers over to the drawing etc etc. After a long 8 hours of doing it and lots of cursing, I submitted the first and await the Threadless gods to approve or reject the drawing.  It was a learning experience and thankful for youtube videos to provide ideas and my wife for giving me the “Ah Ha” moment on masking layers. 

I kind of feel my count from when I began to today is like the ending of 2 Broke Girls, where the tally of how much money they made or lose is kept.  I feel i lost time to work on the other t-shirt design(s) but gained some valuable knowledge for next time. Image



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