Take a ride on the Sketch train

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I have been sketching, colouring, and drawing on the computer that i haven’t been on a sketch pad in a while. So … when I started to draw, they weren’t coming out like they were three weeks ago. However, as I kept on sketching, the better I got and started to feel the grove. I had to do warm-ups and loosen up the hand to get this feeling back.  That and the Struzan Hellboy tutorial made me feel better.  It’s funny how a lot of the ideas I had months ago like cosplay sketch cards to make me standout has now fallen to the wayside as others with the same idea are starting to do the same thing.  Priorities.  That is okay. It means I can see what they are doing, how realistic or near to the actual cosplayer they can capture and what I can do better. It is just tough because the backup job takes a lot of my creativity to do that job solving problems and when I get home, I am drained. I persevere though and will continue to do so as i follow my old fraternity slogan “Press On” will solve the problems I face.


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