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Hi Everyone,

I am sorry for not posting recently.  I have been playing Daddy Daycamp for my oldest while she has been out for the summer.  In between that and sketching new images, I have been flatting comic books with the HiFi design group.  I have gotten to work on Doctor Who pages, which as you know, brings out my “girlish” squeal as I am a big fan and met one of my goals.  It may not be drawing for them yet, but it is a start.  As well as flatting for many DC comic titles that they provided me.  I am glad to be a part of the HiFi team working on these titles.

Now, as school begins in another week, I have to get ready for other projects as a freelance illustrator to prepare for.  I have a webcomic, Wayfarer, that I am illustrating.  It pushes my ability as an artist because there is no words other than special effects (maybe) for these five pages.  I am doing this while still learning Manga Studio 5 EX.  Lots of little things to figure out but really do love using the program. I also have multiple sketches that I am working on for a sketchbook reward as well as a smaller sketchbook for subscribers.

So what is up for Dutch in the near future?  Well, I plan on posting at least once or twice a week on a regular schedule.  I finally have a way to transfer over my movies to Youtube and plan on uploading those here.  I will also create some tutorial videos to share.  I might have some other great news as well but cannot say more until it actually happens. Crossing fingers.  So please continue to follow and follow my Facebook page as well as I post progress pictures of things I am working on.  Facebook link: http://tinyurl.com/phgvvlh