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Another day of sketching. I have spent about 12 hours on this Dark Crystal t-shirt design and only have done one of the two I planned to submit. Not for lack of trying but having some difficulties with the 2nd sketch and drawing it in photoshop. The first one, I scanned the original artwork and started following the DC Drawing digitally for comics format and after a lot of trial and error, got something I am rather liking. So, following that, I thought I would do the same process on the next one that i scanned in and having a lot of issues with the hue/saturation change action I created. This action allows the brush work layer I drew to lighten in colour like a non-photo blue pencil.  From there, I can draw over that layer and follow same steps until I get a finished product I’d like to save.  After awhile, I just stopped and decided to work on the first one. I have the original artwork for the second so I can just draw using my tablet to a facsmile of it. I really need to have these coloured and submitted by tomorrow afternoon the latest to Threadless.

Threadless’s The Dark Crystal contest

So … off I go to flat the first drawing. I will tack them both onto this site once I’ve submitted them to the competition.



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