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Sorry that I haven’t been blogging this past week as much. I’ve had a wedding, family and my wife’s birthday this past week to take care of. I have, however, been sketching daily due #Sketch_dailies. On twitter, once a day, they provide a theme of what to sketch. I started last week with Mermaids, Babayaga (Sexy) and Hercules. I’ve been tweeting on DutchWhat (feeds can be seen on previous blogs) as well as posting those on facebook (link also on site). I wish, for most of these, I could have more time to colour or improve them as some of the other artists. It does, allow me to flex my artistic muscle and show improvement. I also get to experiment on my techniques seeing what works, what doesn’t and what I really need to work on. So, please let me know what you think, what i need to improve on or what you’d like to see.



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