Sketches (inspiration comes to the day job)

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Sketching at the day job some pieces during lunch.   One to send to Deviantart for their holiday card submittal and just trying to work out the rough at the moment.  

Second, working out the roughs on my children’s book that I’ve written and am illustrating as well. A total and complete redesign of the main character.  Originally in love with the cuteness of Vanellope from Wreck-it-Ralph but now looking for something that “screams” me but with more cell-shading aspects. 

Third, re-did my Steampunk lady’s wardrobe sketch. I liked the idea of a Victorian woman with her corsets and dresses but in next wardrobe, her real intentions.  

Waiting to see where inspiration takes me later tonight after the Day of the Doctor 3D theatre experience. 


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