Second T-shirt concept – The Dark Crystal submitted

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[[Submitting second design for the Dark Crystal contest is exciting and a rush. Submitted this one below and  although not many days for voting left but I’m happy.  I learnt a lot about myself and style … oh the humanity.  I definitely need to spend more time learning other aspects of photoshop to improve my overall skill set as colouring and flatting I’ve leveled up a +2.  It has put me behind on my other illustrations (remember I have a “day job”) and have a lot of great things sitting in the wings as they say.  However, I am budgeting my time and tomorrow I’ll be back in front of my new TARDIS console drafting board to do some new things. The allure though, of drawing and submitting t-shirt designs is exhilarating. Image


Thanks again for those who voted for my designs and the other great artists.  




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