Review and practice of: Drawing the Head & Figure by Jack Hamm

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Hi Everyone,


Back into full blogging mode since revamping the site and thought I’d do a review of Drawing the Head & Figure by Jack Hamm.  A very “how to” approach when drawing the head and figure.  Each day, I plan on working through a few pages of things I need to work on like foreshortening the head or the muscle layer.  I’ll post an image (within fair use) of the drawing plan and my sketches.   It is a book I’ve had for over 20 years and skimmed through but did not use.  Now, to improve my artistic style and understanding of the human figure, I’ll be using this book and provide cons and pros about the lesson.  If you’d like to view or purchase a copy for yourself, please check out my Amazon app below on ordering.


JackHamm, how to draw
Drawing the head & figure

Keep tuned in as I’ll start this reviewing this book next week.

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