Recap: Amazing Arizona Comic Con – Artist Alley

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Hi Everyone and new followers!

What a great, first time for me in the artist alley at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, the weekend of February 13th – 15th, 2015.  The first of many for me.

My goal was to learn what worked for me and what did not as well as meeting other great talents!  As you may know or for those who are new, I’m a big fan of Good Neighbors.  A British show from the 1970’s following Tom Good who decides to leave the “rat race” to a lifestyle of self-reliance.  One of the episodes, right after their near harvest disaster, was selling their produce.  He found a buyer and a found out that the restauranteur was looking for a new supplier, whom could undercut his current supplier.  Tom also found out, that they were growing the wrong type of produce, which, in further episodes, they changed.   Following that analogy, this con experience, was exactly like that for me.  I learnt what got attention from con-goers and turned sales versus what was amusing and did not.  Talking to con-goers really helped with that.

So  here is the recap: Day one …

I arrived an hour before the final exhibitor load in at the south building of the convention center.  As I pulled up to the loading dock, I had to go to another parking garage across the street to get a docking pass.  Once I received that, I drove back across the street and parked.  I quickly moved my prints and modular cube to my table.  I discovered that the artist alley table did not come with skirting so I found a CVS that was nearby and purchased a two dollar tarp.  Noting next  time to clarify with a con if skirting comes with or if I need to supply my own tarp.  Lesson learned.

I returned to setup my shop and was thankful for this website ( ) for the modular cube idea to give my table height.  I quickly met my fellow artist alley talents and the doors the con began.  I decided, while saying hello to everyone, to work on inking and colouring my Captain America piece.  Many, for the first day, had never been to a comic convention before and brought their kids in costume.  That was great to see and had fun seeing all the kids dressed up reminding me of my first convention oh so long ago in Minnesota. Many would stop by to see me inking and all the kids  wondering if I drew them myself or how they could draw like that as well.  Then, I met my first family. A mother with her three sons whom asked if I did commissions.  The two of the three boys were dressed up and they liked my Baby Groot sketch card.  They wanted a picture of them with Groot.   I snapped a quick picture and roughed them in with Groot, removing any make-up from their face per their Mothers request.  I inked and coloured it.  When they returned, the oldest wanted a picture with Rocket and himself holding guns.  With her permission, I did so and by that point, I was started to feel loose with my pencils and in my stride.  Here is one of the two commission pictures and I thank them whole-heartedly for that as I learned about timing.  Another important lesson.













I was also interviewed by a local Arizona grow called Nerds with Balls, spotlighting local artists as well as supporting boxing and other events.  Check them out here (  That was a lot of fun to do.


Day two …

It started out really early to get setup for the new day and to recap with my wife on what went well as well as what did not.   Again, a lot of new people who had never been to a convention before and was great to discuss one on one with them on Doctor Who as well as tools I use colouring.  It was a bit slower towards the end especially since we were towards that back corner but it gave me a good opportunity to meet further with the talent of Chris Thorne.  If you love zombies and walking Dead, check out and follow this great artist (  I also got to meet Mike and Jeane from Nightshade comic.  Great fun couple and writers.  Check them out here ( / ) and follow them as well.


Day Three, the final day …

My wife was able to assist for the first part of the morning and we made some changes.  I also added some original art to my portfolio to expand it based on what con-goers were asking for the previous day.  Day three was far busier than day two and lots of people coming by our area.  Lots of last minute pushes.  Around three o’clock, drew names for a drawing started on the first day and chose the lucky winner of one of the free prints of their choice.   The day ended and walked away feeling good about how this con went and in meeting two out of my three expectations/goals and those two, were my top two.  I learnt a lot from my successes and failures and would not change a thing on how this went down.
On that note, enjoy the images of new pictures I drew as well as the links to purchase them.

Available in my Etsy store now:

Sasuke Uchiha







Naruto Uzimaki






Doctor Who variant comic book cover






Captain America
Captain America








Here are the links to the other great talents whom I met. Please go and follow their pages and if you like their work, support them.  Without them, I wouldn’thave learned as much as I did.  I truly enjoyed being back in an artist community once again.  Being around them and that artistic energy is indescribable.

Chris Thorne:
Tom Horne: on Facebook at the Art of Hard
Chris Enchot:
Nightshade Comics:



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