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Ladies of Overwatch
The Ladies of Overwatch
The Ladies of Overwatch is inspired by Adam Hughes The Real Power of the DC Universe where the heroes of DC are in evening dresses. It was drawn by me and coloured using CC Photoshop as well as Clip Studio Paint. the Ladies of Overwatch features the characters from Overwatch, Widowmaker, Mercy, Dva, Ana, Pharah, Symmetra, Tracer, Sombra, Zarya, and Mei all dressed up for their photoshoot. A great gift for you on your wall or for a friend of Overwatch. The Ladies of Overwatch print will be signed by me and dated. It will be shipped in a clear plastic sleeve and sturdy container. Art is copyright Dutchs Dynamic Illustration 2019 The purchase does not give the buyer any reproduction rights of any kind.
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