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Recap of Agent Carter: Valediction

If you caught last nights Agent Carter, you saw a good episode that wrapped up a great first season.  I say good because from beginning to the middle, the pace of the show was actioned packed.  Everything relied on our heroine, Agent Carter, to take on the bad guys of Leviathan.  This episode, although good and great to see Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, was a team effort and relied on Peggy’s feminine qualities to have Stark stand down.  I guess the softness of Peggy was needed to remind us that she is not an automaton but that women can be strong and soft (balance) when needed.  Although she gets her acknowledgment by her male peers in the office, the overall male attitude is reaffirmed.  However, the very end, brings back an old villain to tie the movie Captain America and Agents of SHIELD together.  Personally, I love this series and PRAY that ABC brings it back for a second season.  I feel they need to market it to the  female crowd 10 and up rather than the male audience.  My girls know who she is and I mention how smart she and powerful in her own way.  That they too, can take on life’s challenges with strength and using their brains to get by.  Especially since they have put out strong female characters in Big Hero 6 and Frozen.   So, bring her back Disney/ABC/Marvel!



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