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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not posting so often and “Hey Dutch, where is that tutorial you promised?”  Well, my bad. I still have to look at how to make a youtube video and what type of equipment I need to mount a camera.  I have started using Procreate on my iPad and that has recording ability.  I captured a picture I did and need to edit on my laptop. Unfortunately between the thing that gives me money and family, the thing that gives me money takes up a lot of my free time.  Soon, however, I may be leaving that to do this full time. Until then, I do have some new works in progress. I need to post these because I think Karen Hallion is a telepath and tapping into my brain (poor her.)  I say that because I started my “Solombo” picture with Leia and Han based on Muchas “Salaambo” a few months back and she just started something like it based on another picture.  So I started drawing this picture of Back to the Future where Doc and Marty come to 2015, wondering where the hologram shark, future cars, hover board and other future things.  It came about because my oldest daughter had worn a few month back as well these glasses with slits in them, like they wore in that movie. She kept saying she was in the future and my wife mentioned Back to the future. Light bulb went off and had to draw this.   

How I started was with an image of the car and figured out how I wanted it positioned.  Then a few roughs of Doc and Marty.  In Procreate, I played with Doc’s size and got him adjusted the way I wanted him.  So begin with a thumbnail to figure out the positioning, then expand it further by using composition and breaking it up in the law of thirds.  It gets the feeling and allowed me to see what worked best.  Please stay tune as I keep moving this WIP forward.




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