Mourning the passing of a loved one

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Although I’ve been sketching throughout the day and making plans what to ink or not, my mind is on the loss of my wife’s Grandmother who passed away last night. Life is long but towards the end, when your body either betrays you or you it, I think of how she lived her life to the fullest and pressing on. Just as my fraternity slogan of Persistence and “Pressing On”, that is what we must do. At times I feel down that this new adventure I started isn’t going fast enough or that I have a great idea and the execution doesn’t come off as planned. However, I push myself on to prove my naysayers wrong and more importantly myself that I can turn this talent into a full time occupation. Master of my own ship. My goal isn’t to be rich and or famous. Both would be nice but the goal is to kickstart myself into making my current salary, paying off my debts and eeking out a living for myself and family. To stop and smell a rose, see the sights or do something out of my comfort zone.  So as I prepare to fly off to the frozen North to say my goodbye, I will think of the generations before me and “Press On.”

(I’ll try and post some new sketches tomorrow for your critique but I may not get to any really postings until I return.”



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