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Hi Everyone,


Just announced, Marvel has stated that the Secret Wars will end the Marvel Universe as we know it.  Read it here at IGN:

It make me wonder, is it the end and a revamp like the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe, 616, gone and now we will follow the Marvel Movie Superheroes universe?  They’ve shaken it up by replacing the heroes being bad, the Falcon as Captain America,  Thor as a woman, and their costumes changed to match the movies.  What do you think?  Let’s watch this one closely.

Tonight was the return of not only the Flash, but Captain Cold introducing Heat Wave.  It put the Prison Break cast back together and it was fantastic.  Although I like Dominic Purcell, his Captain Cold is a little over the top and not like the good ole Captain Cold from the Super Friends and the Legion of Doom.  Wentworth Miller played Heatwave and his too, was over the top at times.  I liked when he was the subdued pyromaniac minus the heat gun.  Still, the Flash is back and the team is doing it right.  Can’t wait for more.


Today I decided to take a break from working on the Cintiq and drew five knew sketch cards.  I posted pictures on the Facebook fan page and if you haven’t liked the site, click here to follow me: … I drew, Monster Highs Draculara and ClawDeen, Superman, Super Girl, and LoTR Frodo.  I will ink and colour these sketch cards and have them on sale in my Etsy store by Thursday ( )

I also finalized my four prints and gearing them up to be coloured this week so I can have them ready for sale at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con on February 13-14 weekend.



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