Learning learning learning

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As the title suggests, learning new methods of drawing. This time digitally. I am amazed at the speed artists like Karen Hallion are able to push out a drawing via their cintiq or wacom.  So, here I am, the student once again, learning new processes in this venture I’ve undertaken.  However, I have to make a years worth of work and payout occur in a matter of months. Weeks in hours and minutes for days. Hmmm, sounds like Star Trek heh.

Why the rush you say? Take your time and learn the tools of the trade.  Well, normally that would make sense. However, being under the gun, working for a corporate company that literally sucks the creative energy out of one as well as the time to spend with family (which I find far more important than most things) doesn’t allow me a lot of time. I’m like the Doctor and constantly searching for the new, unusual, and something to add to my knowledge arsenal. My mind works even when it should be at rest and I don’t really get a good nights sleep unless that task has been crossed off my mental list.  I usually push myself on the weekends at night staying up until 2 – 3 in the morning and pay for it on Monday morning.  So this need, this need to replace the corporate safety net is important to me. I am not looking to “make it rich” but just my current salary and anything more that occurs is a bonus.

So back. Back to my reading through my kindle, Loomis art books,  Jack Hamm, Steve Rude and Adam Hughes to catch any new advice or something missed. Toodles until then my friends.

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