Juggling work, family and illustration

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One of the hardest thing to do is juggling between the “day job” >ugh<, family, and illustrating.  I have ideas coming out of my pours and limited time to do them.  I want to do them at work and often times get a flash of brilliance to sketch it down quickly. Other days, I have carte blanche to do so.  So to better discipline myself, I’ve decided to do a manufacturing setup to my artwork. So, I’ll sketch out ideas. Once they are ready to be ink, I ink them all at the same time.  Then I head into colouring with copics and/or photoshop. So, how is it going? Well, since implementing it Monday, I seem to be making progress. I still need to do more to practice inking my work because it is still crappy IMHO. Previously, my steps were to work a piece all the way through but often times, I would get side tracked or complete it through and then take time off. I try to get these done when my wife gets home to watch the kids or unfortunately, have to do the old parenting trick of having netflix raise my kids.  Is it really juggling? I don’t know but once this takes off, the “day job” will be replaced by this and can produce more work. 

I do have some more intense pieces to work on so will see how this new process works. I should have those pictures posted Saturday.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on tutorials from Deviant Art and Imagine FX etc. 

(This was kind of disjointed thoughts Right?  I guess I shouldn’t have done it while watching Drunk history.)

Please stay tuned Dutchmen.






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