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It is officially my vacation away from the “corp” job.  Now the real job takes affect and quite happy to be doing so. 

I made some great strides in my sketching and doing a piece “the Impossible girl” which is coming along swimmingly.  At the moment though, it is a late night. My family wanted to watch the Hobbit despite having seen it before but they were not paying attention to it. I’m happy that my oldest wanted to watch and wants to see the sequel with me this weekend. Slowly, I am hoping to make a lil cosplayer out of her and enjoy all types of fandom with her Father. 

Now that they have gone to bed, I am up colouring my wife’s beer labels for her groups “12 days of Christmas” batch. This year they are doing “6 Geese a laying” and I pencilled that, inked it (if it can be called that) and just putting down the flats. After, I will quickly render it and add any holds and backgrounds to complete it for them this weekend.  I have a boat load to do this week(end) but enjoying the fact that I’ll be up doing something I enjoy and making the most of it.


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