I was so thrilled to flat this Marvel #1000 cover for @markbrooksart From left to right, the initial scan from Mark. As a Hi-Fi Colourist, I don’t use the Hi-Fi method scripts but I “sketch lift it” (thanks Kienan) with line art separate from the flat layer. I flat out background to foreground. The end result with lines is on the right. Mark then gets it back and he renders it out or other adjustments. Viola, you get the amazing cover coming out shortly! I’ll post more flats I’ve done for Mark, other artists, colourists, and my own works soon. What is your favourite Mark Brooks cover to date? Let me know! #markbrooksart #Marvel1000 #flatcolors #colorist #comicbookcoloristforhire #marvelcomicsuniverse #TheArtofDutch #hificolourdesign

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