I could get use to this

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Today I was off from the “corporate job” and my goal was to illustrate and colour many drawings I had waiting for me. It was a late start and despite fighting off the feeling of ick I’ve had this weekend, I pushed through.  The only thing that pulled me away from my drafting board was hunger.  It was a great feeling.  Hacking and coughing up a lung couldn’t pull me away from completing my task.  I inked, I coloured, I drafted and pencilled in comic pages and it felt GREAT!  I can see me doing this everyday for the rest of my life but I just need to make it profitable.  Paying my dues and improving my craft is the way to go.  I just wish I had more time today to do some more marketing of myself. Tomorrow is another day and will learn more about this and if any of you have any suggestions, I am free to advice. So until then, enjoy the new pictures I uploaded today. One is Scooby Doctor Doo related and the inked version of the Doctor Puppet on Misfit Island.  

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