Hey Dutch, where are the sketches?

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I have truly been remiss on posting new sketches. I have sketches and ideas in my sketchbooks but I really want to present some of the best work. However, I will be posting some of these shortly while still continuing my practices.  Right now, I am tackling hands using the Jack Hamm figure drawing book. I love Andrew Loomis book but feel that some of the steps go from a rough draft to completed in two steps.  I’m sure a lot of it can be resolved by a hand mannequin posed at different angles.

Further good news, learning illustrator is helping with a few of my t-shirt designs. I just have to warp some of the lettering, make some changes and I will have those posted this weekend. As long as I stay away from playing Call of Duty:Ghost and running around.  Please stay tune and share my page. Etsy store and paypal up shortly as well.




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