Happy New Years 2014!!!

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Hello and Happy New Years to one and all!

Finally back home after traveling and spending time with family in Florida. Took my kids to Legoland (which was fun) and the end of the year firework display was EPIC!  They gave us special 3D glasses which made LED lights or other lights look like Lego blocks. EPIC!!!

I had all the intentions of working on new sketches, learning how to continually market myself and this site better but to no avail. Partially because I wanted to spend time with family and my Grandparents whom I had not seen in two years. I especially wanted my kids to spend time with them seeing as they may not be long for this current world/dimension.  It was fun and fantastic.

So now, after a fun time saying goodbye to 2013 which started this new venture taking the first step of a journey …. my how I have grown. I’m still a baby but I’ve lifted my head, rocking body back and forth ready to start crawling.  Imagine what a few more months may brings. I certainly can.

So what do I have in store for 2014? Plenty. I noticed on my Facebook feed that there is a Dark Crystal t-shirt contest upon which I will be entering. I’ve started on 2 of the 4 designs I liked and will scan the sketches into the computer to work on. I have 14 days left before the contest ends and already the voting has begun for those who submitted their work.  I’ve another t-shirt design for new Sherlock that started and two great quotes from that.  That and finishing my Doctor Who design plus Downton Abbey is a great start for the new year.

I have lots to learn still and lots to draw. An Etsy Store in my near future and some comic book layouts to complete for my portfolio to draw for the Doctor Who Comics is my four month goal.  So I am very excited and back online to keep my schedule for blogging and posting new sketches with you all.
Thank you for those who started this journey with me and those who are just finding me out for 2014!

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