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After posting a sample of what I was working on yesterday, I didn’t quite like the outcome of the drawing. I went back and re-drew the images.  It is a more symmetrical Hulk and currently working on colouring it. Oh why oh why did I spend that half hour on COD Ghosts. I say that because I was watching some very good tutorials on photoshop on Youtube and really want to try them out. I have another drawing I want to try that process out on and hoping it won’t take the hour long as the video. I really love how Adam Hughes gives that near photo-realistic colouring to his pictures and really want to emulate it for this drawing. I really think it would make a great print.  Maybe I can figure it out with discussing with others in the Hi-Fi group.  Stay tuned. I am still going to post the Hulk shirt design tomorrow for critique. 

Back to watching the Day of the Doctor again.



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