Dreadnought Comic Art Third Expo

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Hi Everyone,

I, along with the following artists, will be at the Dreadnought Comic Art Expo in Glendale Arizona, this Saturday, March 5th 2016.  Please stop on by and support the local art community.   Dreadnought Comics is a staple in Glendale and can learn more by visiting there site at: http://www.dreadnoughtcomics.com.

My plan for 2016 is to be in as many conventions as possible to not only meet other great and talented artists, but to improve my own artistic style.

Artists include:

Chad Heinrich

Rob Hicks

Derrick Tipton

Dutchs Dynamic Illustration

Emmett Plant

Jan Marc Quisumbing

Dave Beaty

Eldin Pahi

Tony Reese

. Flite Factory racing drones

Marquel Neely

Shehi Scott

LiLi Mikaio

Shelby Robertson

Fred Oro

Mindy Wheeler

St Jimmy Art

Kevin Anderson

Cole Peterson



I will be there selling prints from the Amazing Arizona Comic Con show and commissions.


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