Do you want a custom memorable piece of artwork? This is the place to start! I have created custom pieces for several happy customers, bringing their favorite characters or even custom characters to life. From simple sketches to full color prints, I can work with you to find a fit for your project needs and budget!

How to Begin

To inquire about a custom commissioned piece, please contact me using the form below, or via one of my social media sites. It is incredibly helpful to include a description of what you had in mind and any references that are similar. Key decisions include things like size, the number of characters, and whether you want black and white line art or a full color print.

I will use the information provided to give you a quote for your custom piece. When you are ready to move forward, I will provide an up to date timeframe for delivery of your custom piece!


Your order is officially placed when you make payment.  I accept Paypal which means you have the flexibility of using a major credit card or your own Paypal account for payment.


If you use a different email address with Paypal, it is really helpful to identify yourself in the comments. This helps me find your payment and keep things in order.


I do not offer WIP’s (unless it is to clarify something) or “do overs”. I will need all your written and visual character details when you order including all special requests, character traits, expressions and character interactions, as well as anything else you can think of to better help me make your picture perfect for you. I’m not a skilled mind reader, so help me out by over communicating.

Usage Rights

Please refrain from posting commission work to your own gallery or representing the work as if you were the artist who illustrated it. Please showcase it as a commissioned piece instead, and credit me as the original artist.

In no way are the commissions I draw for you, allowed to be reproduced for profit. You can use them anywhere you like (profile pictures, icons etc) and even print them on personal items (phone cases, bags, pins etc) but only for your own personal enjoyment.

I will never reproduce and sell pieces commissioned by you that include your original characters. I will, however, use them to advertise my work, portfolio site and for personal promotion. If you commission me specifically to draw fanart, I may use those as prints for future convention booth prints.

Commercial Projects

If you are interested in hiring me for commercial or contracting work which requires the right to sell and/or reproduce the work, please note that in your requirements. I have helped multiple clients with projects from Concept Art and Story Boarding to Book Cover Illustrations and T Shirt design.  Please contact me at DutchsDynamicIllustration@ or using the below form to discuss any contracting /commercial work.


Contact Form