Commission page updated

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I have updated my commission page with a few examples. It is not fully completed yet but wanted to get something out.  At least it is something albeit not enough. It is not the half arsed kind of work you will get out of me when I do a commission for you. It was just a tough long weekend and not everything worked out as I wanted. The juggling of a “day job”, family and starting a new opportunity like this is tough.  I am still learning the techniques of scanning in my line art, converting to bitmap and manipulating the levels/threshold when it doesn’t work out.  I do have some full figured examples done and have to ink them or bringing them into photoshop to work on the levels/threshold.  Please, continue to visit and what is happening now is just growing pains.  We will look back in a few months through my successes and think how far I have gotten. 

Thank you again and have a safe St.Patty’s day tomorrow!



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