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Hi Everyone,

In case you missed the 3rd episode of Marvels Agent Carter, you missed a good episode.  I say good rather than great because it lost some momentum from the first two episode. First, the recap (SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD:)

The men of the Strategic Scientific Reserves (SSR) are hot on the trail of Howard Stark after tracking down the bumper from one of his car.  (SPOILER ALERT:) The one sucked up by the implosion of the Roxxon plant.  The (SSR) arrest Jarvis and we learn his secret during his interrogation. Meanwhile, Peggy, Agent Carter, learns of the strict rule enforcement at the Griffith House for women.  Soon, she closes in on Starks stolen technology but cannot reveal it is her to her male colleagues with the lead.  Once she does find it and has Jarvis call it in, she has to fight for life against a bruiser, hired thug.  The SSR “men” take possession of the stolen technology and the hired thug.  As one of the SSR men take the thug back, they get ambushed and knocked off at a stop light by a person whose features are concealed. However, knowing how TV shows are written, know who the hired “man” is (saying that loosely.)

Now, why I say it is good versus great is because the momentum built up from the first two episode, loses its energy midway in the episode.  Building on Jarvis was great. Learning his secret but the secret doesn’t fit the Jarvis we’ve grown to know from the comics.  I also expected the Howling Commandos to be in this episode from the trailer build-ups but that did not happen yet.  I am also growing tired of the male dominance in this show.  I guess it is just the 21st century guy in me but can only handle that much “cud” for so long.  These are my opinions and still love this show more than Marvel’s Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.  I love how Agent Carter is written and her character development.  I love the espionage aspect of it as well and the physicality of the show.  However, the introduction of new characters in the show give way to those avid viewers like myself, an idea who the villain is.   A lot of this is now my opinion and as a comic book guy, I have my expectations but realize to that they are writing this show to capitalize on the movie viewers and non-comic book geeks.  Looking forward to the fourth episode in two weeks.  Stay tuned for that review!

Marvel's Agent Carter on ABC
Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC















The CW has just renewed both the ARROW and the FLASH for new Seasons.  This would be the fourth season for the Arrow and the second season for the Flash.  That is great news because they are both things right about superhero tv shows.  Now, if only DC could use that lesson on making movies again like Superman (the original) and the first Batman movies.









Working on week two:

So, this is my second week as a freelance illustrator.  I haven’t been working on any client work yet because I am preparing for the Amazing Arizona Comic-Con.  I have 4 prints that I am working on and I am finalizing the “feel” of the prints.  Soon, I will colour them next week and find a printer that can do a great job.I have also been working on little sketches here and there for the GoFundMe rewards.  Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

On another note, I finally hit over 100 likes and had my first drawing.  The winner, received a hand made drawing of their choice.  He chose Master Chief from the HALO series and have finished the pencils and ready to colour it.  I’ll post a copy of that shortly and ask him to take a picture of him holding it when I mail it off.  So, please tell your friends and ask them to subscribe to this blog as well as my Facebook page.