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After a long day at the “other job,” was inspired after reading some great advice and process from the Maestro, Adam Hughes, old web interviews. Since creating my Facebook page, I used for the cover some sketch cards I created for the 50th anniversary as well as one picture I hope to sell as a print. However, I wanted something new. So I started to draw something else to showcase my style as well as try out some new techniques or ones I haven’t tried in a while I should say.  

I started by lightly sketching out how i wanted the characters positioned in a thumbnail. I originally wanted the Doctor, Clara and some other comic book female characters but as it evolved, I thought I’d add the other Doctors and a Zygon. I sketched into my strathmore bristol board and used a few reference for the War Doctor and Clara.  Clara especially since she has a cute turned up nose and cheek bones that are hard to capture. Nothing was traced or light boarded. I don’t even want to ink it.  

I do have to say that this would make a rather good book mark and will be my new cover for Facebook. It was also a good investment and time for getting the Drew Struzan DVD. A lot of the placement and feel I took from his advice. It may not be exactly to the letter but it feels good. And as I’ve told others and maybe you for the first time, “If I can’t play the Doctor on TV, I’ll damn well do my best to draw him professionally.” So look out Doctor Who comic. I’m setting my sights on you. Image

I hope you enjoy and please, hop over to FB and join to catch up on what i’m doing. I usually have my phone on me and like to capture the steps and post there as well. 



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