Big things happening this week: Free Comic Book Day and Civil War

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Hi Everyone,

It has been some time until I’ve written a post.  Two things happening this week.  The first, Captain America’s Civil War.  I just saw it this morning and it was AMAZING!  Usually in threequel’s like this, the first is good, the second is okay or bad, and the third is the best (some leeway with the Star Wars trilogies.)  However, in my honest opinion, that is not the case.  It has been three for three.  I just re-watched the First Avenger and have to say, Marvel did a great job with that by just sticking to the story. No directors interpretation like that of Man of Steel or Batman v Superman.  That formula worked great with Iron Man and Thor.  I will not give any spoilers but Spiderman, The Black Panther, AntMan, did I say Black Panther?  Spiderman?  It was fantastic and cannot wait to see it again.  I am team Captain but which one will you be?

Civil War
Captain America V IronMan


Second, tomorrow, Saturday May 7th, 2016, is Free Comic Book Day.  Many comic book stores and few bookstores, offer free comic books to entice people back to comics. Check your web for participating stores near you.  In my case, I will be at the SilverStar Comic shop from 1 – 5 pm tomorrow and appreciate them supporting local artists.  I will have prints for sale as well as doing sketches.   Then, after that, I’ll be enjoying the festivities at Drawn to Comics in Glendale AZ and then the VIP Power Ranger Dinner.  I was requested to do an exclusive print for that and will unveil it later.  So, please stop by and Support SilverStar Comics and other artists as well as stopping by to say “Hi!”

SilverStar Comic Free comic book day
SilverStar Comic Free comic book day



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