Baymax and Hairy Baby

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t added a post in a while. It has been a challenging few weeks and sometimes things don’t go as planned.  However, on the good side of things, I have been learning more and more and sketching like crazy.  Many of which I have posted on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.  So a lot of what I have on my plate is a Xena Sketch, some more art nouveau pieces and a brand new commission/business card drawing.  Today’s post however, is one I thought of when I saw the first Big Hero 6 trailers.  It is of Baymax and either Totoro or the cat bus as the “Hairy Baby” which is shown in the trailers.  If you haven’t seen that bit, here is the link to it and around 2:15 is the scene.  When I saw that, it screamed Totoro or the Cat Bus from Totoro.   So, in a flurry, I did a quick Instagram sketch to get the feel and now, on the cintiq, bringing it forth.  However, I don’t know which one to choose. I am leaning towards the cat bus because it is sleeping and fits the theme but what do you think?  Do you think this would be a good tshirt design, print, or Both?   Hit me up in the comments either on the site or on my Facebook page.  I would be grateful for any feedback or an “atta boy!”









I am already thinking for a turquoise wall colour, brown, yellow, and white as my colours.  Again, let me know what you think.


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