Avoid the naysayers: start your passion now

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Hi there again, some more advice on starting your own business or site.  Just like getting married or having a child, there is never a good time to strike out on your own. If you sit and wait for that right moment, you will have missed many other “right moments.”  Also, disregard what the naysayers have to say.  I’ve had many people who have not believed in what I am trying to do or poke fun at “how was your day at the office?”  I am not building this new opportunity for them nor for my family. My family is capable of taking care of itself and it’s welfare.  Just keep believing in yourself and always keep learning from your mistakes and others.  

Now, I am not saying quit your day job and rush out to start.  If it brings an income to allow you to experiment, stay there. Trust me. I LOATHE my soul sucking job and the “brown nosers” that occupy it but it allows me to provide a roof over my head, food for myself and family, and lastly, paying off my debts.  The goal should be to grow your site or business overtime and gain that experience. Build up your base and material. Bide your time and then, as you start to bring in an income from the sale of your work or advice, decide if that is the time to leave the day job and strike on your own.  For example, I am creating material at all times and preparing them for print.  My goal is to make my current salary or bi-weekly salary.  I am not there yet but as my coach says, I’m ready to jump from the plane and there are only 2 people in front of me. Shortly, they’ll have jumped out and landed and it will be my turn.  

In the end, decide what is best for you.  All those who came before you were at the same point you are in. Michael Jordan, Oprah, Adam Hughes, Karen Hallion, Megan Lara, and many more.  Lay the foundation now and eventually, you’ll look back and realized you’ve taken 10,000 steps from your origin point and there’s no going back.




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