Artist of the Day: July 30th, 2015

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Hi Everyone,

What a hectic month it has been for me.  Not only have I been doing some storyboard work but creating new prints.  So many new prints that I just realized this morning, I have to colour.  The ideas keep pouring out and need to add a brain filter to complete the prints.  A lot of them I will just keep as is because I still have that GoFundMe to run and want to create a lot of great looking pieces as rewards for you.  I think I have enough so keep an eye open.

That being said, Happy Birthday to our artist of the day: Arnold Schwarzenegger.   Made Famous as the Terminator and the phrase “I’ll be back.”  He has shaped movies in the ’80’s before becoming the Governor of California and marrying a Kennedy.  Now, he is back in movies again reprising his Terminator bodyguard role fighting a younger, CGI version of himself.   Happy Birthday Ah-nald!


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