Another Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016 Done

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Hi Everyone,
Well, another Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2016 has come to a wrap this past Valentine weekend.  It was an amazing time and met  some amazing people.

To begin, my table was at D16 in the Artist Alley.


I began with selling various sized prints at different price points.  So rather than just 11×17 poster size prints, I had 5×7 prints.  I used Ready Comics here in Mesa AZ as my printer.  They were well priced and competitive with other bids that I received.  The UV coating they added, made the prints pop and will prevent fading of the prints over time. I gambled on different types of themes based on what was currently popular.  I had a Star Wars Force Awakens, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, A Space pinup, Kylo Ren, BB8 thumbs up, Doctor Who – Doctor Disco, and Power Ranger custom prints.  I wish that I had done some more DeadPool prints but the custom I did, people liked but no bites.   I also sold my prints from previous years and they were well received.


Day one of the con, was amazing with a lot of energy.  I had some great table mates in my aisle as well as across the aisle.  To my left, was Gun’s A Blazin’ with artist Rafael Navvaro and Mike Wellman. To the right, Herb Schultz or The Art of Herb Schultz.  Across from me was Cat D, Ken Austin of the Tenth World Comics (should really check it out), Jason Pedersen, and Robert Baker.

Day two of the con, was a little slower than a usual Saturday at previous cons. It was a good steady amount of people and I was joined by Jenna Boettner of Geeks and Garters.  With her, I met even more great artists like Jeremy Clark Art and Alex Kotkin. Even got to be a part of a con sketch compilation but was nervous due to low blood sugar and not happy with piece I did. An artist always knows even if others likes it. However, that did not deter my spirit. I was invited to hang at the Power Ranger after party and meeting Bradon Jay McClaren and Azim Rizk, was a blast.  They were fun to hang with and learned a lot about casting the Rangers.

Day three of the con, it was kid day and was far busier than day two.  It was a great day for business for all in our aisle. It was also a mix of great kids dressed in costumes and cosplayers.  I stayed until the very end of Valentines day and had to say “see you later” to some great people I had met all during the con.  Many of which I am looking forward to seeing again and working with in the near future.

For that, I’d like to thank all that came out to see me and to those who purchased a print or two.  I have more to come and looking forward to showing you them all very soon.



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