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This past week I downloaded some new books to my kindle app from Amazon. The first is how to create sketch cards and the second was how to digitally draw in photoshop. The first, Sketch Card mania by Randy Martinez covers how to create and make your own sketch cards. Not only is it helpful for basics on card setup but goes through how to market oneself, self-promotion (which, as you know, is my biggest obstacle to hurtle so far.)  Definitely spurred me on to creating more sketch cards.

The second, DC Comics guide to Digitally drawing comics, by Freddie Williams II, goes through how to draw digitally through photoshop. I wish I had purchased the book instead because the kindle version is around 2600 pages/images. The toughest part for me is the cintiq wacom setup for a left-hander and going through each page in the book. It is an up to date book with current photoshop version I have and that is nice.  Its definitely a good book as well but for me, it is something, if I had more time (and a left-hand synced) with lots of patience, I could get use to this. I enjoy do the roughing and laying out a thought or image in my head on the computer but then drawing it out on paper.  Seems natural.  

So if you have the time, then these are two are recommended but maybe on a hard copy than digital.


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