AH-MAZING Brain … how sweet it is!

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So I completed my second design for the Threadless Dark Crystal design after yesterday’s fiasco with the first one.  Amazing how taking one day away from a problem leads to solving the problem (as well as the +1 experience points on figuring out photoshop.) 

I decided to ink the original drawing and saved it as a bitmap, which kept the line art nice and tight. I quickly created a foreground image to “house” my Podlings and gave it a woody, earthy design. Coloured that and took the original Podling image I coloured yesterday, tweaked it here and there and below is the result.  I also figure out (here’s where the +1 exp came in) on how to load it to the t-shirt template and background.  Another day in my new career journey and I’ve moved further than I expected. I am a contender and a qualifier so when it does happen, always know I’ll be willing to share and give my journey advice.


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