Agent Carter, Flash and the ATOM previews

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Hi Everyone,

Just a recap on the newest episode of Agent Carter, the Iron Ceiling. Following last weeks episode, the Leviathan typewriter communication device (ala very similar to the one from Fringe), became active. The SSR brings in a code breaker to try and decipher the message output. Unable to do so, Peggy takes a crack at it and was able to figure out the code and that it is in Russian. The SSR Chief wants the men of the group to lead the team into Russia but Peggy forces her way on the team since they she was able to figure it out. She also has a plan. Once in, they find (Spoiler ahead:) the Black Widow training camp and Red room (comic fans know this from the Black Widow and Winter Soldier comics.) This also reunites the Howling Commandos with Peggy. From there, they find out more information that Howard Stark is not involved but the Leviathan group has been using his plans. For what, we are still in the dark on that. Furthermore, they run into heavy resistance and the Commandos and Peggy save the arses of the SSR team. Once out, Peggy starts to get the recognition for her hard work but will it last?
Remember to watch Agent Carter, Tuesday nights at 8pm GMT on ABC and only a few more episodes left.

Marvel's Agent Carter on ABC
Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC


The Flash

Tonight on the CW, we see the Flash learning how to utilize his speed. He also encounters another meta Human who has the ability to teleport. We also learn the reason for Ronnie Raymond and Professor Steins F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project. Once after I watch it, I will recap that even further.
Watch The Flash on the CW on Tuesdays at 7pm GMT.


If you have been watching the ARROW on the CW, you would know that Brandon Routh (Chuck, Superman Returns) has been casted as Ray Palmer, the Atom. During that time, he has been working on an exoskeleton suit called the ATOM. Now we have the first preview of the suit from screen rant. Check it out here:


As for me, I have completed my prints that I will be selling at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con next week, February 13 – 15th. If you are attending, please stop on by and say “Hi!” I’ll be in the Artist alley at table D30.



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