Addendum to Drawing Advice #1

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Hi Everyone,

I started thinking about drawing advice # 2 and thought about what I wrote in the first one.  I should have mentioned that advice is for those who have the fundamentals of anatomy and drawing down.  I, having learned anatomy from my Archaeology and forsenic studies at University, have that as well as being a self taught artist.  The reason for the advice on working on what gives you difficulties is due to the struggles I, myself, am encountering.  Inking. Hands. Painting. Sequential work.  Adding Dynamism to my art, is something I need to work on to further improve my work and focusing on those things that I’m having issues with, is helping me with getting better.  Hence this addendum.  Learn the basics first and once you know where the nose goes, or where the eyes are placed in relationship with other features.  How the forearm and wrist connect or looks when foreshortened.


Keep on practicing.



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