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Hi Everyone,


So prior to heading out on Christmas vacation, I bought myself (yes, yes, I am one of those types) and bought some Adam Hughes products from his store envy or justsayah.com website.  I ordered a Wonder Woman mini Hydra statue and a magazine with his artwork.  My last item was a print which wasn’t available yet for shipping.  I wasn’t upset as the other item that came with was a Fairest poster he had drawn.  So, with them in hand, I trotted off and drooled over them.  Yes, drooled.  If you haven’t seen the maestro’s work, google him.  His photo-realistic style, line work, and colouring is amazing.  I can sit and look at his work online for any matter of time.  Just looking through and imagining each line and his process.  Now, I sat waiting for the last item to show. My print.  Then, lo and behold, it appears.  Delivered by my friendly USPS carrier yesterday afternoon.  I frantically raced to open it and when I did, O M G.  It was beautiful.  It was a Deja Thoris print  (see below) and worth every penny.  I wanted to hold it and learn from it (how it was made, the type of paper, and the printer used to create it.)  Instead, like the Collector from Marvel, I quickly grabbed my studio deco frame and sealed it away from my oily fingers.  Now, it sits proudly on my desk waiting for a space on my wall where I can view it at all times.   It makes me think of the future and will, one day soon, someone  have one of my prints on their wall to inspire them.  I hope so. It inspires me.  Find something that inspires you and do it.

Deja Thoris AH print