Howdy!  One of my motto’s is: Whovian first, Anime next and geek afterwards. I am a self-taught illustrator who has been drawing since I can remember.  I grew up in the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons where Star Blazers, Battle of the Planet, and the Super Friends, in its many iterations, filled my cathode ray tube television.  I loved the work of Alex Toth from the Saturday Morning line-up ranging from Space Ghost, the Herculoids, Teen Force, or the Super Friends.  I also loved Japanese Anime in it’s American form via their enriched stories of heroism, sacrifice, and action.  It was indeed a golden time for the Sunday Comic Strips. From Charles Schultz, Alex Raymond,Hal Foster, and more.  So basically a great time to be a kid since anything on television, from Underdog to the Adventures of Superman, I would draw.  In fact, those were the only things, next to the introduction of Doctor Who, that made the 1970’s worth noting.

Fast forward to the 1980’s, and I discovered comic book.  Comic book Artists like John Byrne, Alan Davis,Kevin Maguire, Jim Lee, Steve Rude, Mike Mignola, and the Maestro, Adam Hughes inspired me to improve my artwork.  I learned a lot from Steve Rude’s sketchbook. I looked at who inspired him, as well as Adam Hughes, and sought out more information and instructions.  I sought every book by Loomis in college or on the internet. I practiced using books from Jack Hamm and Christopher Hart, melding together what worked for me.  Today I still practice daily in the form of warm ups and eager to learn anything new like digital painting, composition, dynamism, and more via Youtube or from other artists “How to books.”

My professional work includes:

  • Comic book colourist working with HiFi Colour Design team working on such titles from DC Comics like Harley Quinn, Future Quest, Scooby Doo, Titans, Birds of Prey, Batman V Superman, Superman / Wonder Woman, and more.  My favourite is on my bucket list working on colouring Doctor Who for Titan Comics.  As a Whovian, working on the current Doctor Who titles is a dream come true.
  • Flatter for artists like Tone Rodriguez, Shelby Robertson, Mark Brooks, Jesse Heagy, and others.
  • Book cover artist for author S. Ron Mars.  I completed in March – April 2016 the book cover art for Dr.Dimension (now available on Amazon and Audible ebooks) and currently working on his series cover art for Eat Fish and Die (first one soon to be done.)
  • Pinups for Insane Comics Miss Conduct (2015)
  • Storyboard artist (Gaming Excellence at ASU)
  • Pinup for San Diego Comic Con 2015 fan guide (Catwoman)
  • Various con and commissions
  • Creator of The Wayfarer and soon to be released, Demon Slayer Jose.

So please, visit often and come with me on this journey for self expression.


Carl Dutchin