A lot to learn

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In starting this adventure, the thought of turning a freelance career into just that, a career, was easier said than done.  My NLP coach equated this venture as being the fourth man in line ready to jump out of a perfectly good plane like a paratrooper. Both anxious and excited. Fixated on the thought that soon, it will be my turn to jump out the plane not knowing what to expect.  Anxious not wanting to leave the “safety net” that I’ve always fallen back upon despite the fact that it continues to suck my living soul away and excited that once there are no more before me, my turn to jump into this wild unknown. I am now the second person awaiting to jump, moving ahead after completing a picture I drew for friends renewing their vows, moving into the third position.  I moved into the second position once I started this site and started posting, blogging and pinning my artwork for all to see.  Right now, I am okay with that because I am learning there is a lot more that I need to do to starting my own career.  Marketing one-self  is harder than thought but slowly, day by day, I am finding out and learning more about that subject.  Guiding it down one path and learning what works or what does not. Who is my target audience and what I can do to expand my base.  Until then, this mantra “starting my own career” motivates me to continue on and to push myself further.   

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