10 days until Doctor Who 50th

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10 days to go until the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. I am quite excited but sad I will not be in the UK for the exhibition. Sad not for just being in England during a momentous occasion but that I’ll not be there to have Tom Baker sign my cricket ball with his predecessors/successors. It is the pride of my collection and he would be the pinnacle of my collection. For me, Tom Baker is my Doctor and whom I aspire to be as a person. Tom Baker was himself during his tenure and admired what he brought to the role. The humour, the grinning in the face of danger and ability to make the character truly alien was spectacular in my opinion. It’s not to say the others who are in the new series are any less of an actor because David Tennant is marvelous and Matt Smith is brilliant at the role but Tom was dark, moody and funny within the same scene. So for all you Whovians heading from the US to the UK, enjoy yourselves and carry on.

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